Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christmas in Utah!!!

This is the picture we sent to family and friends to let them know this is how many stockings we will need next year!  Baby #4 will be arriving at the end of June!  We are super excited and what a wonderful Christmas present for the family!

Our trip to Utah was so wonderful and welcome!  I needed to get away from my house that smelled like toast all the time.  I think it has the worst ventilation in the world.
We landed on Saturday night a made a mad dash to the Holt Christmas party!
Hanna and Hunter performed Jingle Bells! They had been working so hard and Hanna was finally able to keep up with Hunter. I think the nerves sped him up even more... if possible!
 I had to put all these pictures on.  Each one depicts one of Bridger's many personalities.  He makes us laugh. The last 2 are especially attractive;)

Grandma Ostler's house!  Love the snow!!!

 Temple Square at the new City Creek Center
 bowling tradition!
We usually do our family bowling trip on Christmas Eve but we were spending Christmas Eve in Layton so we moved it to the 22nd! The kids had a blast and loved "Grandma's prizes" as you can see Bridger snitching.

 Aunt Shelby and Bridger!

Christmas Morning at Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house!
The kids had so much fun having Christmas morning with Gma and Gpa Harris.  Christmas Eve we did the traditional Jerusalem dinner while I stayed downstairs in bed.  I was HORRIBLY sick with the stomach flu mixed with pregnancy stuff. YUCK.
The kids did the nativity though and opened presents in the morning!
Santa came to Maryland and left the presents there so there was only a few presents to open in Utah.

 Tree house museum with Amy, Lorie, Gma and the kids!

 The kids did a puppet show in the story theater!

 playing in the snow! We don't get any in Maryland so the kids were in HEAVEN!

 Temple Square with the whole fam! We missed Amy and Jeffery though. It was a fun FHE!

 Ice skating at the Ogden Ice rink.  Uh yeah, you can see my kids were lovin it... 

 Well Hanna was pretty ok with it as long as Lane did not leave her side.

 This is where Bridger ended up... then...

 It turned into this.  He was sooo tired.

Snowmobiling trip to the Uintahs!!!
My mom surprised the family with a snowmobiling trip for Christmas!
We went and stayed in a cabin up by Evanston and the kids loved it!!!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the cabin.  It was so beautiful!  

 Christmas at HOME!!!
It was so nice to get home after a 3 week trip of craziness.  I distracted the kids and picked up a pizza on the way home from the airport while Jon  ran in and set up all the gifts from Santa! Luckily I had everything wrapped before the trip.!
 Yeah, this was not coming to Utah with us!  He was super excited!

 Bridger's new bike!  It was time to move him up from his little trike. 

 Hanna's new church outfit from Grandma ostler.
Christmas was so wonderful this year. We feel so blessed to have been able to visit family and spend quality time with the people we love.  We actually were able to spend more quality time this last trip than any of our previous Christmases.  Our favorite parts were not the Presents or the many parties.  It was late movie nights in our jammies, saying family prayer with gmas and gpas, waking up and having french toast together.  Things we normally would have missed because of rushing the kids home for bed times.
We were very happy to come home and be together with just our little family though.  There's nothing like that time around Christmas with just the 5 of us!